GDPR Compliance And Refund Policy

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR is a set of privacy laws laid out by the European Union, which came into effect in May 2018. The regulation means that any business that markets products and services to people in the EU, whether the company is based in the EU, needs to follow certain rules on how to collect, store and handle personal data. The emphasis is on consent and giving individuals control over their information. GDPR has already and continues to change how businesses across all industries and around the world must approach data. At Innovative Data Services, we take every step to ensure we meet all the requirements to be compliant with GDPR and other relevant data legislation.

Our Commitment

Innovative Data Services is committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information that we process, and to provide a compliant and consistent approach to data protection. We have always had a robust and effective data protection program in place which complies with existing law and abides by the data protection principles. However, we recognize our obligations in updating and expanding this program to meet the demands of the GDPR. Innovative Data Services is dedicated to safeguarding the personal information under our remit and in developing a data protection regime that is effective, fit for purpose, and demonstrates an understanding of, and appreciation for the new regulation. Our preparation and objectives for GDPR compliance have been summarized in this statement and include the development and implementation of new data protection roles, policies, procedures, controls, and measures to ensure maximum and ongoing compliance.

We collect information with elements for business and consumers alike. All information is acquired from reliable sources and quality control measures are taken to ensure the accuracy of the database. All the information collected by us is used for business transactions and occasionally it may be utilized for notifying the users regarding modifications on the website, industry news, services launch, or promotional activities such as special offers on products and services that meet the customer needs.

Refund Policy and Limitation of Liability

All Innovative Data Services LLC’s Materials are provided on a strictly “as is” basis. Innovative Data Services LLC does not assure or warrant the correctness, comprehensiveness, or completeness of the Innovative Data Services LLC Materials and, except as explicitly provided for below, Innovative Data Services LLC expressly disclaims all warranties of any nature, express, implied, or otherwise, including but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement, and/or fitness for a particular purpose. In lieu of all such warranties, Innovative Data Services LLC offers to you the following limited warranty:

  • Quality: Innovative Data Services LLC will make every effort to validate the accuracy of its lists and will guarantee its data to be 90% deliverable if emailed within 10 days of delivery date. In any dispute regarding the quality of the data delivered, Innovative Data Services LLC will establish whether the number of bounces and duplicates fall outside this 90% email deliverability threshold by obtaining a data analysis report from an independent verification service. Such verification service will be chosen by Innovative Data Services LLC for its impartiality and its compliance with prevailing industry standards. Innovative Data Services LLC guarantees to replace any data that falls outside of this 90% email deliverability threshold.
  • Accuracy: You shall have 7 days after receipt of Innovative Data Services LLC Materials to inspect these and notify Innovative Data Services LLC of any problems or mistakes in relation to the accurate execution of your order. If Innovative Data Services LLC has made a material mistake, then Innovative Data Services LLC will correct the mistake by replacing the data at no additional charge. However, if errors are due to your faulty or incomplete description and classification of the data you requested, Innovative Data Services LLC will not be liable. After this 7-day period Innovative Data Services LLC shall have no obligation whatsoever to you.
  • Cancellation and Administration Fees: Given that most, if not all, Innovative Data Services LLC services are custom designed to order, once payment has been received, no cancellation of the order will be possible. If, for any reason, a cancellation is permitted, an amount for costs and charges will be deducted. This amount will be determined by Innovative Data Services LLC.

You expressly agree that Innovative Data Services LLC shall not be liable for losses, damages, or injuries of any kind, including but not limited to general, direct, special, incidental, and/or consequential damages caused in whole or in part using the Innovative Data Services LLC Materials. Whether such damages are asserted in an action brought in contract, in tort or pursuant to some other theory and whether the possibility of such damages was made known or was foreseeable or should this limited warranty fail of its essential purpose, in no event shall Innovative Data Services LLC entire liability exceed the total amount paid to Innovative Data Services LLC under this Agreement.

Our entire database is sourced from reliable sources that are listed below.

Government Records

B2B Directories

Annual Reports, SEC Filings

Newspaper Subscription Offers

Sign-up Data from Email Campaigns

Business Trade show Attendee Lists

Public Record Information

Registration Process for Subscription Sites

Community Postings

Nationwide Utility Transaction Reports

Transactional Data

Phone Surveys with Every Business

Web-based Registrations and Offers

Business Trade Magazine Subscription Offers

We do not collect generic information. User information is also gathered from various touchpoints on our website and other cobranded sites. When users are requested to submit personal information, that includes name and contact information. Users reserve the right to unsubscribe from the services at any point in time by opting out. If the users feel that his or her information is erroneous to an extent it threatens the integrity of privacy and security, you may wish to opt-out of the subscription.

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