Data Licencing

Data Licensing is the most crucial aspect of the B2B contact list market since contact data is very much easier to re-use, break up and recombine. Data licensing is essential, and its spectrum calls an opportunity for good, and without licensing your contact data your chances of getting good results reduce gradually. Innovative Data Services have 350+ million email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, which you can license for your marketing requirements. Our researchers and data miners have been compiling contact data since 2016 and our contact list powers many of the email service bureaus in the industry. If you want to expand your markets to the untapped markets throughout the world by running a marketing campaign, we can provide you clean, robust, and real-time campaign verified contact list with a license.

How can we help you to get a licensed contact list?


Fact No. 1

We keep our data up to date and clean to provide the best-licensed contact list in the market.

Fact No. 2

Use your data as you wish and be sure that you can use and share it securely

Fact No. 8

Our professional teams will be available to assist and consult you for your all concerns.

Fact No. 4

We will give you exposure to all untapped markets.

Fact No. 5

Our licensing cost is Lower than any other providers in the market.

Fact No. 6

Know that the data you receive comes from reliable and accurate sources.

Fact No. 3

We provide one-roof services for our clients to reducing their reliance on other providers in terms of obtaining a licensed contact list.

Fact No. 7

We understand your target audience and customize our licensed contact list as per your requirements.

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